Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scaling Back ...

It's been One Of Those Weeks, both in RL and SL, and with so much on my plate I find my party energy waning. So instead of the huge raging art fete I had planned, I am going to postpone that activity and instead make Sunday afternoon a more personal affair, with just some close friends and a few people I'd like to get to know better hanging out for a casual barbeque. We can watch my art videos if anyone feels like it, but right now what I'd like most of all is to have my favorite people around so I can relax and enjoy their company. (But make no mistake, the huge raging art fete will return ... just at a different time when my resources aren't so depleted.)

So, invitations will be coming soon to a number of you. Some noobs will undoubtedly show up, but they're great people and not dickheads so I imagine all will be well. If you've been tracking this blog and planning to come to the party but aren't already a friend, I'm sorry to have to excude you this time, but I promise you most sincerely that Art Party 2.0 will be a bigger, brighter, and much better organized affair, and well worth waiting for!


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