Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan. 18, 2009 ... STROLL art project!

I'm kicking off 2009 with an art project near and dear to my heart: STROLL. Conceived as both a Real Life and Second Life work, STROLL brings together participants from all walks of life (pun intended!), all around the world for the simple, single purpose of going for a recreational stroll, just for fun ... and I want everyone to join in this part! THIS MEANS YOU!

Here's how to participate in STROLL:

1. On Jan. 18, at any time of the day or night, go for a stroll! Take your physical body for a walk in real life, or take your avatar out and about in Second Life. Keep in mind the attitude of the Hausmann-era French flaneur: a stroll was pure recreation with a hint of consumerism in it, namely consumerism of the locale itself and the notion of consuming some "leisure time." Your stroll may be from anywhere to anywhere, but the one stipulation is that is must have no purpose other than the act of strolling itself ... no fair strolling down to the grocery store to get milk, for example.

2. Document your stroll! Snap photos, record sounds, or take video along the way, make machinima, create digital or pen-and-paper sketches, pick up "found objects" (RL or SL!), make maps and diagrams, or capture your stroll in poetry, prose, music, or even simple descriptive notes. There are absolutely NO LIMITATIONS and better yet, NO EXPECTATIONS! ANY kind of documentation is 100% acceptable! I'm also interested in any reflections or thoughts you have about the idea of strolling stricktly to "consume" your "leisure time."

3. Talk to me! Email me at asimia.heron@gmail.com to let me know you've taken a stroll, and tell me what sort of documentation you made ... if you're comfortable with it, send your documentation along as an attachment. We'll then talk about what form your documentation can best be presented in.

4. Stay tuned for the exhibit! All our documentation will be collected and coordinated into simultaneous RL and SL gallery exhibitions. You may be listed as a collaborator, or remain annonymous. SL work featuring or credited to avatars will NOT be coordinated with RL names or other RL information, and no RL or SL information will be shared with anyone else for any purpose.

If you have any questions, please email me, or IM me, Asimia Heron, inworld.

Okay, everybody, get out there and STROLL!