Friday, June 13, 2008

Busy Bee!

I've been a busy bee the last few days! I'm really excited about the upcoming Art Party (and nervous too ... figures, eh?) and have been making lots of preparations around Cape Hatteras (that's my house) to get ready. One project that's been taking a little bit of time is my Hot Tub Paradise. I knew I just had to turn that nice level roof of mine into living space of some kind, and when the public hot tub grotto was bulldozed over and replaced by little houses, well ... that just seemed like the perfect idea.

I initially wanted to try to build it myself. I have a pretty good handle on prim torture by now, and can easily see in my head how to construct a decent hot tub out of a single prim. But the water--and scripting the water--was another challenge that I wasn't quite ready for. So I dug around in my inventory and what did I find in a giant box from Drucker's Depot but a nice big hottub, with water and bubble jet controls and all that stuff.

It was easy enough to rez the hottub to the roof and get it positioned, but it looked a little bare up there—not to mention a little exposed, because you all know what sometimes happens in hot tubs requires a little privacy (well, for some of us it does, the rest of you all know who you are!).

Since my house faces the ocean, that side's not an issue but there is the nagging problem of the other side, which faces several houses, the Marketplace, and the Jazz Club.

Back to the inventory, and another box from Drucker's ... hey! Lace curtain panels! Perfect!

But it was still looking a little bare, so I pulled out another Drucker's special: a huge "cuddle rug." Ahh, now that's looking like someplace fun to be.

I'm not done yet, of course. The cuddle rug area needs some privacy screening and I want to add some candles and plants and lanterns to make it really lush. I'm probably already a little over my prim limit, and may have to ask my delightful landlords if there's a way to work around that.

But I think I'm well on my way to having a little hot tub paradise, and once I've got the scripting stuff down, I can replace it with one of my own design.

Of course, the sudden desire for a hot tub is motivated in part by the upcoming party, but probably also in part a little bit by ... er ...

this ... uh, I mean, well, okay, I've finally managed to meet a great guy who actually called me later like he said he would. Shocking, that. So we've been on one really wonderful date, and we're going to be, I hope, going on at least a few more and perhaps many more, and suddenly a hottub seemed like more of a necessity than a nicety. But only time will tell.

And in the meantime, DON'T FORGET THE PARTY! Sunday, June 22, I think we'll get started at 4 pm SL time (or Pacific time, if you didn't already know that) and just go until we can't go anymore ... at which point we'll probably decamp to the Jazz Club. Many of you will be getting personal IM invitations with landmark included; for the rest of you, I'll post a SLURL here soon. Art by myself and hopefully a few other artists will be on display, and there will be music and dancing and of course hot-tubbing! So put it on your calendar and I'll see you there!


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