Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Big Ideas

My alter ego came up with some questions for me the other night, and since my level of experience with her subject matter is not so great, I did not have any answers. However, I think this might turn out to be an interesting collaborative project for the two of us.

She was nattering on in her blog, Art Life Now, about how hard it is to get people to sign up for her project on perception and experience around relationships. And then she started wondering about people who are "married" in Second Life, and what that experience is like for them, and whether expectations in the Metaverse are easier to fulfill than they are in RL.

Well, that's an interesting thought. She's into the whole art-as-sociology thing, and I admit I'm curious. I'm not really interested in dating or mating in SL, but I did think meeting people and making friends was going to be easier and that I would have at least a few more folks on my friends list by now, and that the friends I do have would be a bit more, er, engaged. (I did meet a vampire yesterday; he was very polite and asked if he could bite me. He was pretty handsome, too, so I said "yes." But don't worry, I didn't elect to become undead, so your blood supplies are all safe.)

OK, back on topic. Maybe we're looking at a project, she and I, in which I interview and document SL couples, and she does the same with RL couples, and then we find a way to make this all into the RL/SL art show we've been thinking about for awhile now.

Makes sense. I just have to figure out how to orchestrate it. I think I just need to have a big old party, whether video screens and artwork are part of it or not.

Oh! I built something else--a really ugly curved outdoor bar. I personally believe that it's somewhat less ugly than my first effort, although it's still not anything complicated or delicate in nature. And I changed the texture and pattern on my meditation chair, so that's not nearly as ugly as it used to be, and I'm finding it quite serviceable! It has the texture of reasonably stiff foam rubber, and that seems to work just right for meditation.

And that's the latest from me. My RL cohort will be updating her web site soon to include our SL "couples" effort, which for the moment she has given the working name of "Virtually Married." Cheesy, maybe, but not altogether inappropriate or uninteresting. Anyway, when you have time, you can check it out.

Until later!


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